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Thanks for checking out my website.  I had the opportunity to study photography at SUNY Oswego witnessing the most beautiful sunsets in the world and meeting the most interesting people as well.  From there I enjoyed capturing moments and memories as a wedding photographer for over 20 years.

Currently the camera is introducing me to amazing people filming  their family history. I make sure people are comfortable and relaxed, shooting in between poses.  Families can bring their family pet, a child their favorite toy, or a friend to help capture your true expression.  I look for details that make a shot unique and pay close attention to backgrounds and lighting that make a great photo. 

A Typical Session: At your home, a favorite park or at one of our favorite locations.... you choose! We'll work together to determine the best time of day for your portrait session. 

Online Proofing: Approximately one to two weeks after your session, an online slideshow will be published and an email sent to you.  Feel free to pass along the link to anyone who would be interested in viewing your portraits. 

Clothing for senior portraits: Solid colors, patterns, dark jeans, whatever feels comfortable.  Remember close ups for the yearbook.  Accessories can be fun, but don't overdo it.  You may enjoy a few photos with a team uniform.  Changes of clothing are welcome as long as there are places available to change.

Clothing for groups: It is best to wear clothing that compliment each other. Solid colors, textures, dark jeans... but stay away from clothing with busy patterns or large logos. Colors, layers and accessories can be fun, but don't overdo it! Think about coordinating, but not matching.  Feel free to bring as many changes of clothing as you would like.You may bring along any props that you think might be helpful or fun. A special swaddling blanket, favorite stuffed animal, a fun hat, birthday cake, umbrella, a tutu, a small chair. And don't forget your family pet, their a part of the family too, right?

A Few Tips: Treat your family photo session more like a fun outing than a task, your whole family will have more fun, and your photographer will be able to capture genuine, joyful smiles! Pick a fun location—but not too fun. Stock up on snacks. Let your kids be kids. Have fun

* Deb Foster Photography reserves the right to use all images in any way, shape or form such as, but not limited to the use in advertising, reproduction and copyright. It is illegal to copy, reproduce, scan or duplicate any artwork or images by Deb Foster.

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